A clean washing machine with load of laundry

How to Clean Your Washing Machine: Top Tips and Tricks

When was the last time you deep cleaned your washing machine?

If you use cloth nappies, it is important that you incorporate a monthly deep clean to keep your machine running smoothly. The easiest way to remember to do this is by setting a reminder for the 1st of every month. (Or follow us on Instagram and we will do it for you!) This way, your machine is getting regular care, and you can relax for the rest of the month knowing another job has been ticked off. 

These tips aren't just for reusable nappy parents! Everyone can benefit from a clean washing machine. It doesn't have to take long. Follow these simple steps to have the task done and dusted in a flash! 

Step 1: Remove the drawer and soak it in hot water. 

This will help to loosen any old powder or liquid residue. You can leave it soaking while you clean the rest of the machine. 

Step 2: Clean the filter.

Open the filter and let the dirty water run into a dish or tray. Remember to put a towel down to catch any spills! Then clean the filter itself. Bits of fluff and dirt can easily get caught here. 

Step 3: Clean the drawer.

Scrub the drawer and inside where the drawer sits. I find that an old toothbrush works really well to get into all of the crevices! Then return the drawer. 

Step 4: Clean the drum, door and seal. 

Remember to get inside the seal to make sure no dirt or small items are hiding in there. This is where build up can happen which can affect your laundry. 

Step 5: Use soda crystals and white vinegar. 

I like to put soda crystals in the drum of the washing machine and white vinegar in the tray.  This step is optional but it really helps with any odours and to flush through the machine. 

Step 6: Run a hot wash cycle. 

It is important to use the hottest setting on your machine to give a really deep clean. This will rinse away any cleaner or products you have used and flush through the whole system. 

Remember that every machine is different. Always follow your washing machine manual as the manufacturer may recommend a specific way of cleaning. 

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