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Hemp Booster

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Style: Single Hemp Booster
A hemp booster insert with orange binding.
Hemp Booster
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Our hemp boosters are super absorbent. Featuring 3 layers of thirsty hemp, they are perfect for heavy wetters as they hold a lot of liquid! Pair with a quicker absorbing material like cotton for ultimate containment, or use with an overnight nappy to help prevent any leaks. 

Why Cubkind's Hemp Booster?

Natural Materials. Our hemp boosters are made from 3 layers of natural hemp, and feature orange stitching.

Simple. Our hemp boosters are also colour coded, featuring orange stitching. This makes it easy and fast to find them after a wash!

Versatile. These inserts are designed to fit perfectly into our pocket nappy, but can be used in any pocket nappy, or as boosters for flats, terries or fitted nappies. Hemp is perfect for overnight as it is so thirsty.

Slim. Our inserts are designed to be slim but effective. They contain no bulky microfibre.

Eco Friendly. Each cloth nappy can save up to 730 disposables from landfill. That's equivalent to 1395 plastic bags! Our inserts contain no plastic or harsh chemicals to make them kind to the environment and your baby. 

Check our fit guide, washing guide and FAQs for more information.

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