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Nappy Pod

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Style: Sun Rays
A yellow nappy pod with white stripes. Inside are 8 cloth nappies.
Nappy Pod
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Perfect for storing clean nappies neatly, or to hold used nappy until wash day. Attach it to your pushchair handles for a spacious and stylish pram bag. 

Why Cubkind's Nappy Pod?

Eco Friendly. Using a nappy pod for dirty nappies saves plastic nappy bags from the landfill.

Breathable Fabric. Soft PUL contains leaks and odours.

Versatile. Our pod can also be used for baby clothes, rain coats, large toys, swimming costumes, cosmetics, and much more! 

Adjustable. Two handles with poppers that can either be poppered to themselves or each other make this pod extremely versatile. Use this pod on pram handles, carry it over your shoulder or hang it on a door handle.

Spacious. Our pod can easily hold 8 of our reusable pocket nappies, plus a change of clothes and pack of wipes. It is ideal for sending clean nappies to nursery, keeping them secure and tidy. 

Easy to Pack. Our pods can be rolled up very small, making them perfect for taking on holidays and day trips. 


    30cm x 16.5 cm x 17cm 

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