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Swim Nappy - Simple, Reusable and Adjustable Nappies

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Swim Nappy - Simple, Reusable and Adjustable Nappies
Swim Nappy - Simple, Reusable and Adjustable Nappies
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Our reusable swim nappy is perfect for paddling, swimming pools or water play. This swim nappy can be used as a pocket nappy shell by adding our colour coded inserts to the pocket - its 2 in 1!

Why Cubkind's Unique Reusable Nappies?

Breathable Fabric. Soft PUL outer layer and an athletic wicking jersey inner lining, allowing liquid to pass through but catching any solids.

Eco Friendly. Reuse this swim nappy multiple times, with multiple babies! No single use plastic here

Happy Nappy Tested. Use with a happy nappy to meet most baby swim school double nappy system requirements 

One Size Fits All. Fits most babies from 8lbs-35lbs

Adjustable. Crossover poppers, an elastic tummy panel, 3 rows of rise poppers and 10 columns of waist poppers to your adjust to your babies' from birth to potty

Easy to Pack. Our nappy is designed to roll up tight, so you can fit even more in your swimming kit or nursery bag

Comfy. Thick and stretchy back elastic for extra comfort and mobility

    Check our fit guide, washing guide and FAQs for more information.

    Please make sure you thoroughly rinse your swim nappy after contact with chlorine or sea water!

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