A bundle of five cloth nappies, hemp boosters and wetbags.

Christmas Gift Ideas for a New Baby

Looking for the perfect Christmas gift for the new parents or baby in your life? 

Shopping for a Christmas present for a newborn can be tricky; they don't care or understand, so the present is often more for the parent. If you are bored of buying the same old things - clothes, toys, another blanket, why not consider giving them a cloth nappy starter kit?  

Disposable nappies are so ingrained in our society that many parents have never even considered the possibility that alternatives exist. Giving just one cloth nappy could change their mindset for the future. Even if they don't switch to full time cloth, our pocket nappy shells can be used as reusable swim nappies - perfect for holidays, paddling pools and beach days. And our wetbags can be used for a huge variety of things. From storing changes of outfit, dirty clothes, small toys, toddler and baby shoes, and even pegs.  

Our bundles contain everything you need to get started with cloth. Choose from the 'Nappies for a day' bundle, containing 5 pocket nappies and accessories, everything you need for one full day in cloth, or the '3 days of cloth' bundle, which includes 15 pocket nappies and accessories. The perfect starter kit for an eco-conscious family. 


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