Pick Your Own strawberry cloth nappy on a changing mat

5 Surprising Things That Happen When You Start Using Cloth Nappies

We all know that there are many benefits to using cloth nappies, both for the environment and for your baby. But here are some surprising things that happen when you start using cloth:

1. Your washing machine is actually cleaner! 

Before starting to use cloth nappies, I think I could count on one hand the amount of times I had cleaned my washing machine in my life. Now, however, my machine gets a deep clean every single month. 

2. You can involve your toddler more in their nappy change.

Once your baby gets to a certain age, they learn to say ‚Äėno‚Äô, and soon everything is a battle. One way that I have learned to engage my toddler in her nappy change, is to let her choose her own nappy. We have a range of prints with some of her favourite things and she loves to look through and pick which one she wants to wear.

3. You learn how to use your washing machine properly.

I now know all about load and drum size, and how to get the correct detergent dosage. As well as what all of the settings actually do! No more sticking it on ‚Äėmixed fabrics‚Äô and hoping for the best.¬†

4. You know the secret hacks to remove stains.

As a toddler, my daughter’s clothes get covered in everything, from mud to spaghetti sauce to milk. I now know all of the tricks to get even the most stubborn stains out. I start by soaking in cold water, washing heavily soiled items with my nappy wash, then finish by hanging it on the line, or sitting on the windowsill in the sun. This routine has not failed me yet!

5. You find any excuse to show off that cloth bum! 

Dresses with no tights, stripping down for messy play, even wearing just the nappy on a warm day. You love any excuse to show off those cute prints. Personally, I make sure to co-ordinate my daughter’s nappy with her outfit for special occasions. Doesn’t a cute pattern poking out look so much better than the plasticky white of a disposable?