How to Prevent Poonamis! 5 Benefits of Reusable Nappies

How to Prevent Poonamis! 5 Benefits of Reusable Nappies

Did you know that a baby will go through up to 8,000 nappies in their lifetime? Or that each disposable nappy will take up to 500 years to degrade? (We think! - Not a single disposable nappy that has ever been sent to landfill has ever degraded!)
There is an alternative. 
Reusable nappies have come a long way since the days of towels and safety pins. They are now just as simple, reliable and affordable as their disposable counterparts. They offer many other benefits too: 

1. Prevent Poonamis! 

Poonami, poopsplosion, blowout, whatever you choose to call them, they are a parent's worst nightmare. How many times have you got your baby dressed in the perfect outfit, only to have to change the whole thing when they inevitably poo? There is a stigma with reusable nappies and poo, but I have honestly had to clean more poop when using disposables! It just manages to get everywhere! Our reusable nappy feature two rows of elastic, offering more containment and leading to fewer leaks. 

2. Eco-Friendly Parenting: 

Embracing reusable nappies is not just good for your little one; it's a win for Mother Earth too! By choosing washable and reusable options, you're significantly reducing the environmental impact of disposable nappies, and the carbon footprint of your family.¬†You could even benefit from our buy-back scheme, making a step towards a circular economy. It's a small change that adds up to a big difference ‚Äď a¬†nappy¬†change you can feel good about.

3. Budget-Friendly Bliss:

Another perk? Your wallet will thank you! While the upfront cost of reusable nappies may seem more, the long-term savings are impressive. Especially if you make use of offers and bundles, and remember to sell your used nappies back to us! Say goodbye to the endless cycle of purchasing disposable nappies, and hello to a more budget-friendly approach to diapering. It's a savvy financial move that leaves room for more family adventures.

4. Gentle on Baby's Skin:

Our reusable nappies feature breathable and gentle fabrics, including natural bamboo and cotton, reducing the likelihood of nappy rash. Your baby's delicate skin will thank you for choosing a softer, more comfortable option.

5. Customisable and Convenient: 

Our pocket nappies are designed to be fully customisable for your baby's needs. They feature rows of poppers to fit your baby from newborn up until potty training, different insert options depending to suit every baby, and a unique colour coded system to keep things simple for you. 
So, there you have it ‚Äď five fabulous reasons to give reusable nappies a big high-five. From fewer¬†poonamis to a planet-friendly approach, it's a choice that benefits both your baby and the world they're growing up in. Happy bum happy baby! ūüĆąūüĎ∂‚ú®
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