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Great News for Huntingdonshire Parents! Get an Exclusive Discount at Cubkind

Hey Huntingdonshire parents, we've got some fantastic news coming your way! If you're always on the lookout for ways to save while providing the best for your little ones, this one's for you. We have teamed up with Huntingdonshire County Council to offer an exclusive discount for parents in Huntingdonshire. So, gear up for some exciting deals and let's dive into the details!

This discount can be used on a range of products including reusable pocket nappies, small wetbags, nappy pods and large wetbags. You could even use it towards a whole starter kit. 

Why should you choose to reuse?

The top three reasons that many parents are switching to reusable are: 

1. To save money. 

2. To save the planet.

3. To use natural materials on their baby's skin.

To find out more, read our blog post about why you should use cloth nappies here. 

How to Redeem

Securing your exclusive discount at Cubkind is a breeze. Simply fill in the form on the Huntingdonshire Council Website, then enter the exclusive code at the checkout. Don't miss out ‚Äď treat yourself and your little one to some well-deserved goodies.

Share the Love

Spread the word! Let your fellow Huntingdonshire parents in on this fantastic news. Share the exclusive discount details with friends, family, and parent groups. Save money while doing your bit for Planet Earth.

There you have it ‚Äď the inside scoop on the exclusive discount waiting for Huntingdonshire parents at Cubkind. Don't miss out on this opportunity to make parenting a little more budget-friendly and a lot more delightful.¬†


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